Frequently Asked Questions

Most top questions asked when using VacationCompete

Why should I use VacationCompete?
VacationCompete makes it easy for you to get competing recommendations and quotes from some of the best travel specialists in the world.

Is it free?
Yes! This service is completely free to people looking for any type of vacation experience.

How does it work?

  1. Simply complete the Vacation Request form.
  2. Three travel specialists best suited to help you will review your information. They will contact you to find out important information, such as your ages, to determine special discounts that may be available to you and to learn a more about your preferences.
  3. You pick the trusted travel specialist that suits your needs and book that dream trip!

If I request a quote, am I obligated to buy?
No. After you receive the quotes, it is up to you decide which seller(s) to contact and whether to buy from one of our resort specialists.

Who gets my access to my e-mail address?
The trusted specialists who are members of the site only will have your email address and phone number. They need this information to give you the most timely, accurate and reliable quote for your upcoming vacation. For more details, please see ourĀ Privacy Policy.

Who is VacationCompete?
VacationCompete is brought to you by the same people who brought you CruiseCompete.

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